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January 23, 2016
New Raid Time (submitted by Inanna at 10:54pm CST)

AH has brougth it's raid time on Friday night an hour earlier.

Raid times from Friday 23rd January are:

Fri night: 11pm EST US
Sat night: 11pm EST US
August 30, 2015
MISSING DKP (submitted by Inanna at 03:16am CDT)

Back in July (3rd) there were three raids held with no officers online. These raids were led by Stabsem (thank you Stabs) and the info was sent through to me the following week. Apologies for the length of time that it has taken to record this info - it was not in a format that could be readily transferred to the DKP site and it has taken me a while to coordinate the info.

The raids are entered against the date 30th August as that is when they were input to the site, but the actual date of the raid is listed in the 'Notes' section to the right of the raid title. If you believe there are any discrepancies please send me a tell when I am online, or alternatively send me an ingame mail. I would prefer you speak to me if you have an issue as the other officers are not aware of all the different files that came through. I have put up a screenshot of the items and how I have matched them to the raid (based on info listed on Alla's).

Raid dumps for each of the raids were also sent through and these have been added as well - 35dkp for everyone in attendance per raid.


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March 29, 2015
The Coolest Place to Be... (submitted by Inanna at 03:41am CDT)

The Tower of Beets!

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