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January 23, 2014
Ding! Level 100 (submitted by Brenlaw at 02:49am CST)

Clever wizards and crafty gnomes have combined to add a digit to the eqdkp system. You should start seeing characters at level 100 as we add more raids.
Congrats on the level up. Ding !
September 28, 2013
Kael Drakkel (submitted by Inanna at 04:06am CDT)

As you all know Friday night raids ended with a zone crash (ROF: Kael Drakkel: The Madness of King Tormax) just as we started doing bids for loot. Unlucky!

Items were bidded for in the lobby and I have recorded winners manually. If there is a successful outcome to the petition then DKP and items will be recorded on the DKP site. I'll attempt to catch up with everyone in game over the coming week to check with you. If I don't catch you, maybe because of time zones, or you're on another char, then please let me know if you got the item so I can amend the dkp site to be fair to all.

Good luck, fingers crossed the petition is successful!

September 22, 2013
Rain of Fear Raids (submitted by Inanna at 09:06pm CDT)

AH made great progress on the weekend...thanks to all who came and helped again.

So, we finished with a new raid - our first Tier 2 ROF raid - when we defeated Velishan in Breeding Grounds!

User-posted image

We also did a little tree-hugging and kicked Zeixshi'Kar's butt while we were at it. The tree is the key! Another dead dragon.

User-posted image

And we started with a few mistaken murderers (you gotta admit it started to get funny in the end) but finally nailed High Priest Syltetzalvek in Shards Landing. (no pic... we're old hands at this ;))

Grats everyone on some great wins!


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