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September 13, 2014
COTF: The Bixie Warfront: Saving Jacyll (submitted by Inanna at 03:43am CDT)

Another first for AH! A bit of initial confusion and a few learning attempts and then we kicked some bixie butt.

Well done everyone!

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Pants off Friday Raiding! (submitted by Inanna at 03:41am CDT)

Tonight was Pants Off Friday - our first and going by the popularity not our last!

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Bonus DKP for everyone's willingness to participate, and more dkp for the poetry challenge!

Here's the first of it for the AH Poetry christmas book, due out in December.

Violets are blue, roses are red, if I raid with my pants off we'll soon end up dead. - Haukaye

Pottery is easy sit at the wheel and play with the clay till it rises. - Cosmik (Haiku? Nobody understands it :)

Friday night is the night to take off your pants, and always remember to give Inanna thanks, for if we neglect that beautiful maiden fair, then the following week she won't b e there. - Vigerous

Roses are red, my balls are blue, if you were pantless in Chicago yours would be too. - Ugleetank

We raid without pants while Kindoza rants. In my troll guise, I'm a sight for sore eyes. - Gumlakx

The raid is now wiping, and Dygor is dead. Trollfood is tanking the boss mob instead. Uglee has no pants, Kindoza is bent. On this Friday night I will stay out of Vent. - Trigem
July 26, 2014
Wedding Day, Opposite Day...Confusing? (submitted by Inanna at 05:03am CDT)

Today was Opposite Day in honour of Meanstreak's wish to do opposites. Arguing with a lunch artist (wth is that anyway) he missed most of it I think but we still named it Opposite day anyway. And all LOW bids won in this upside down opposite world where we found out that Vigerous does occasionally get dressed (who knew trolls even bothered with that!?), Trollfood's not the meanest raid leader around (that can't be right, memories of Blackburrow come back to me) and Ceyliannae's dice really are crap.

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And a BIG congrats to Pesti who is getting married tomorrow! We did HOF 3 in honour of his upcoming nuptials since he'd missed the last couple. May the gods smile upon him and Mrs Pesti. And if you hurry with the cake and speeches you can still make it to raids!

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