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March 23, 2014
Where's the cake? (submitted by Inanna at 05:58am CDT)

Today was a special day. Because yesterday was Liliornin's birthday. So of course we got some extra special bonus dkp. But that wasn't the exciting bit. As Lili logged off we were promised cake. You can't begin to imagine the anticipation I had last night of this delectable and delicious birthday cake we were promised. I mean homemade cake. Nothing beats it. I even dreamt about it.

So I eagerly logged on today with high hopes. Very high hopes. And a big plate at the ready. And a napkin around my neck.

But something was missing. Where was the birthday cake? I waited...and waited...and waited. But nothing. We gathered in the lobby and got put into groups. But I didn't see any cake there. We headed over to Shard's Landing. No cake there either. We headed into Xorbb and started buffing. But still no cake. We defeated Findlewindle and that big bull. And STILL no cake. My napkin was losing it's bounce. My stomach was growling...I mean, I hadn't eaten since morning in anticipation of the BIG CAKE!


And so I logged off. I pretended I had other things to do. But really I was just hanging for cake. I put the kettle on and someone heard it and asked for coffee... well, here's you're f%$@ing coffee but I still don't see any cake!

Oh well, maybe next year there'll be cake. I'll be hanging till then.

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March 1, 2014
General Info Update (submitted by Inanna at 10:53pm CST)

Just a reminder that our current Leader and Officers are:

Trollfood, Kindoza, Brenlaw, Inanna, Dhahr, Pestilent, Sililx, Whrilwind and Zipzup. Officers can help you with raid info, general AH info, rules for AH and DKP.

We also have a Facebook page that we encourage you to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254512061260821/

And a lot of members are now using Gina on raids. Not mandatory, just a link in case you want to too: http://eq.gimasoft.com/gina/
Here's a short description in case you've been living with frogloks in Feerott and don't know anything about it:

A log monitoring application that provides audio and visual feedback based on triggers you either define or import. GINA builds on many of the great features introduced by Gamanern of GamboSoft.com in GamTextTriggers like Text to Speech, text overlays, and in-game trigger sharing, and adds on features such as multiple character monitoring, trigger organization, and more sharing options.
January 23, 2014
Ding! Level 100 (submitted by Brenlaw at 02:49am CST)

Clever wizards and crafty gnomes have combined to add a digit to the eqdkp system. You should start seeing characters at level 100 as we add more raids.
Congrats on the level up. Ding !

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